Population Health Management as a Service™: PHMaaS™

Advanced machine-learning risk stratification from within your existing apps and workflows via API

Access advanced analytics within your existing apps

  • Full Zeus feature set

  • Simple connection to cloud-based backend platform

  • API integration with existing infrastructure/apps

  • Direct integration with existing clinical and operational workflows

“CareSkore has dramatically simplified the implementation of advanced patient-specific analytics. Access through and integration with existing EHR and other apps significantly lowers the barriers to adoption and deployment.”

Rohit Arora
Professor and Chairman of Cardiovascular Medicine, Chicago Medical School

CareSkore PHMaaS provides existing health care IT systems seamless access to its machine-learning-based, real-time analytics engine, Zeus, through a simple API call.

PHMaaS empowers providers to have access to key relevant patient information at the point of care.

Now EHRs, middleware platforms, enterprise data warehouses, clinical information networks, and health information exchanges that are already deployed can provide Zeus with real-time internal clinical and claims data and have Zeus augment that with external intelligence specific to every patient on things like demographics and socio-economic characteristics.

The output is patient-specific predictive analytics with a focus on how providers can quickly operationalize those insights.

    Easy access to comprehensive, longitudinal patient-level healthcare information and predictive analytics

  • PHMaaS simplifies the challenging task of data aggregation from across all care delivery settings, makes relevant patient data accessible via thought API's. All information is in one place, empowering you to make the most informed decision.

  • One portal

  • PHMaaS gives ability for a unified experience to the providers to be able to access all relevant patient information. Hence serving as an integrated clinical support tool at the point of care.

  • Simply and quickly identify at-risk patients

  • PHMaaS enables providers to rapidly stratify patients with high risk; and help clinicians proactively intervene wherever necessary by assigning patient to appropriate clinical pathways and ensure they receive appropriate and timely care